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Bench to Bedside Seminar Series - Featuring Dr. Peter Light

On February 2nd, 2022 the Bench to Bedside Students' Association was excited to be joined by Dr. Peter Light for our ongoing translational medicine seminar series! In this seminar issue, Dr. Light presented his work about anti-diabetic SGLT2 inhibitors in the context of heart failure, highlighting the bridge between their current basic science research and direct clinical applications.

Dr. Peter Light, is a professor in the Department of Pharmacology and the former Director of 11 years of the Alberta Diabetes Institute. His research focuses on understanding ion transport processes in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and developing small molecules to treat these conditions. His work has led him to bring together and lead a team of physiologists, clinicians, and engineers.

Check out the seminar below to learn about a topic which has recently captivated cardiologists as well as cardiovascular and diabetes researchers in determining how these anti-diabetic agents may be used for the treatment of heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias!