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We Are Partnered with the GSA, MSA, and CoRe

The Graduate Students' Association (GSA)

The GSA is a non-partisan organization that represents and advocates for graduate students at the University of Alberta. They provide a wealth of services to members that enrich the graduate student experience. The GSA views graduate students as junior colleagues who contribute to their field of study in pursuit of an advanced degree through collaborative work with the professoriate in research, teaching, and the development of University learning environments. The GSA is there to help and support Graduate Students.

Browse their website to learn more about the GSA and those involved!
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The GSA Executive

President --- Anas Fassih

Vice President, Student Services --- Monisha Vinod

Contact the GSA either in person at 1-49 Triffo Hall, or by email at

Graduate students can also seek help from the GSA about Grants and Awards, with that in mind, reach out to

The Medical Students' Association (MSA)

The MSA is the elected governing body that oversees the interest of all medical students at the University of Alberta. The organization's mandate is to serve as a liaison between medical students and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, as well as groups external to the University of Alberta and the surrounding community. Above all, their members contribute to a thriving medical community which participates in social, academic, and athletic events. 
Browse their website to learn more about the MSA and those involved!
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The MSA Executive

President --- Sagar Grewal --- msapresident@

Vice President, Student Affairs --- Kurt Ebeling ---

The Community of Research (CoRe) Program

CoRe focuses on developing tangible research competencies important for the effective practice of evidence-based medicine and for nurturing aspiring physician-scientists. Therein, their goal is to support medical and graduate trainees in their pathways to becoming Clinician Scientists. To accomplish their goal, CoRe seeks to organize events, learning opportunities, and initiatives that would bridge the gap between medicine and research.

Browse their website to learn more about CoRe and those involved!
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The CoRe Contact

Adam Kinniard ---
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